All about Fishing in Charleston

Charleston is the largest and oldest city in the United States’ state of South Carolina. The city lies in the coastline and is located on an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean making fishing a major activity in the area. The inshore waters and barrier islands around Charleston are home to wildlife and large numbers of fish. Inshore fishing is the most common type of fishing in the city.

Inshore Fishing Charleston

Inshore fishing is a good experience all year round in contrast to other places in the world where there are better times to fish than others. Inshore fishing is more than just putting pieces of bait in the water: depth, water temperature, barometer pressure and bottom length are all factors that are put into consideration when fishing for some fish species in Charleston waters.
Charleston is a great choice for a variety of fish and custom charters that come equipped and well-conditioned according to your need. Redfish, Speckled Sea Trout, Lady Fish, and Flounder are the commonly sought inshore fish. These are mainly caught in nearshore reefs together with the Spade Fish, King Mackerel, and Black Drum. Boats are well structured in the current technology and well equipped with powerful electronics and tackle to make fishing more fun and enjoyable in the area. Licenses, all baits (artificial, live and cut) and tackle are contained at the cost given in the charters.
Most of the inshore fishing is done by casting the banks and flats and use of trolling motors that give action consistently. Aiming sheepshead and reds at low tide where they can be caught easily can make long runs with muscle testing fights and reds with the sheepshead. As the tide goes away, trout that provides nonstop action comes in and it is common to catch huge amounts which can go for almost 70 fish in one catch.
What is even more fascinating in Charleston is that all kinds of people are allowed to fish: women, children, the older and etcetera as long as they agree to the terms and conditions used in the area. It also a wonderful family vacation for all.

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