Many types of fishing rods are available in the market with a wide variety of tackles. They often ask which reel should they use with which rods for the better fishing experience. What lure goes with what line ? and many more question like this. Today we will answer your all question which creates confusion for you.

The fishing sport is not difficult it is easy to learn the fishing skills. Many people do fishing just for having some great time (fun). Always read the manufacturer’s guide carefully this will help you to know everything about them. If you read the packaging you do not need to ask any body about your fishing tools. There is everything clearly printed on the packing and also an operating instruction and warning booklet inside the package.

SELECTING A FISHING ROD: we advise you to choose a rod that has good length, we mean choose rod between 5 feet to 6 feet long. These rods are medium to light rods and can easily handle the lure (weight between 1/12 and 1/3). All most every manufacturer print this information on the rod so that buyer can read this info easily. Another important thing is reel, choose a reel which has the same tolerance.

SELECTION OF REEL: Many beginners and youngsters choose spin cast reel over the spinning reels. They find it easy to handle the spin cast. Always buy a branded reel for the better fishing experience.

YOUR REEL’S DRAG: It is essential to set the drag properly to catch fish almost every time. Drag is like a clutch of the fishing rod. It controls the movement of the reel. Set it to the lower numbers and enjoy problem free lighter drag. For fishing in normal conditions never tighten your drag this will make it hard to drag when you catch and increase the chances of reel breaking.

FISHING IN NAVARRE: This a beautiful place for fishing people from all around the globe come here for adventure fishing. It is an amazing place with beautiful beaches just 23 miles from Pensacola.

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