Facts About Pensacola Dolphins

First of all, you should know dolphins are not fish they are mammals. Yes, you heard right they are water mammals. Dolphins even cannot breathe in water like fish, they need to come to the surface of the water to get fresh oxygen. The hole present on their head or nose is used by them to inhale oxygen. Bottlenose is the common type of dolphins that you can see in Pensacola. Dolphins normally like to live in a group as they are most playful water mammals on the earth. Their groups are called pods and they can be anywhere large from 5 to 1000 dolphins per group or more.



The killer whale is the largest dolphins we have on earth around about 23 feet long. We also have small dolphins that we in TV shows or in water parks those are 3 feet long with 90 pounds of weight. Dolphins in Pensacola eat fish to live but they also like to eat other small things. If we talked about big dolphins they eat big things like seals and penguins etc. Dolphins do not drink salt water they get the sufficient amount of water from the food they eat.


Dolphins have excellent eyesight they have their own inbuilt sonar system given then bu mother nature. They use Echolocation technique in which they send sound waves and listen to them when they come back.

They see everything underwater through their sonar system.

We all know everybody needs rest (sleep) so like the dolphins but they did not sleep like us. They have two part of the brain in their skull. One part of their brain goes into sleep while other half remains active which help them from getting drowning. They float on the surface while in sleep so that they get a continuous supply of oxygen.

Many dolphins are protected under the ACT

They are very intelligent animals

Easily understand their master’s command

They like to play with and do not fear human presence. Many tourists visit Pensacola every year to see dolphins and their behavior. Click here  https://funinthesunboatrides.com/ to book your Tour. You can find many research team around you on the trip. They do further researches on the dolphins and their relations with other underwater species.

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