How Fishing is Good for Sea

Fishing is good for the sea and water in general. Everyday fisherman of all types head out to oceans, seas, and rivers to fish. They provide proteins for millions of humans to consume. Deep sea fishing Pensacola helps people who need food locally. Fishing has been around for thousands of years and has served a purposed in the survival of man.

Activities performed by fisherman, make the aquatic community more stable. The social life and the food chain of fish need to be kept in check at all times. Sometimes, the aquatic community is overrun by fish. This large population of fish attracts sharks. Sharks are enemies to humans and can cause more problems if not handled. Sharks, such as the Bullshark, can eat people if they grow too large in number. A high number of sharks entering the waters where humans hunt for fish is a huge problem.

We need fishermen to keep the sea and fish under control. Lately, there has been talk of fishermen scaring the fish away due to catching too many fish. But, this occurrence is not a big issue. If catching more fish can prevent bid predators like sharks from harming tourist who want to scuba dive, then it is a good sign that the fish are shrinking in areas where people live. Most locals and tourist want to scuba dive without the threat of sharks or other large sea predators. There are many sea predators in the sea and their main source of food is basic fish.

We need the fisherman to continue hunting fish in the sea, rivers, and oceans to show the big sea predators in the area that humans are the Alpha. Humans are the king of the sea. Maybe we could make better procedures and standards to allow fisherman to hunt more fish without causing more problems to the human community. In any event, we need fishermen to do their jobs to show the creatures of the sea who is in charge. We do not want the big sea creatures to take over the water and start attacking humans. It could happen if humans are not spending time hunting large amounts of fish.


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