Signs of Caregiver spouse Burnout

Recognizing Caregiver spouse Burnout is the initial phase of avoiding it all you going through. In your bustling life or business who do you look after? Alright, let be honest, a lady of the new millennium wears a large number of caps and approaches her day taking irregular to put another on without fluttering an eyelash. It turns out to be so much a piece of her standard she does it like brushing her teeth.

Before understanding the concept of burnout, you must first examine who you have to care for. The list is endless with caring for children, possibly parents and grandparents, friends, your spouse or partner, co-workers, staff, your pets, sibling, a business partner and oh yeah yourself just to name a few. Now buckle up as we explore your other roles even deeper. Most women perform daily tasks that put them in different caregiving roles such as – teachers, nurses, chauffeurs, cosmeticians, housekeepers, chefs, negotiators, bookkeepers, financial planners and advisors, peace-keepers, laborers, developers, designers, professional dieters, counselor, babysitter, and I could go on but you know where this is going!

I am exhausted just thinking about the fact that you probably wear all of these hats in one day, and we didn’t even talk about any professional roles yet! Now take a look at what happens when your job list becomes too heavy.

The word neglect comes to mind, you have a short fuse, patience levels run thin, lack of interest in activities you used to enjoy, not spending time with who you want to, lack of money, physical ailments, sleepless nights, worry, the feeling of not getting anything accomplished, running in circles, no focus, anxiety, forgetting essential tasks or dates, not eating properly due to lack of time to prepare healthy meals and most important not leaving any time for you. You may experience feelings of being put upon, overwhelm, stressed out, fear, frustration and not being appreciated. In some cases, this can lead to substance abuse among a host of other types of physical or emotional of a loved one that will require professional help.

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